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365 TOURS - Ταξιδιωτικό Γραφείο και Υπηρεσίες Τουρισμού στο Ηράκλειο της Κρήτης - ΕΚΔΡΟΜΕΣ ΟΛΩΝ ΤΩΝ ΤΥΠΩΝ - ΜΕΤΑΦΟΡΕΣ ΜΕ ΛΕΩΦΟΡΕΙΑ
365 TOURS - Ταξιδιωτικό Γραφείο και Υπηρεσίες Τουρισμού στο Ηράκλειο της Κρήτης
The Samaria Gorge
The Samaria Gorge is located in the prefecture of Hania and it is considered to be the longest in Europe with a staggering 18 kilometres of length. It was named after the abandoned village of Samaria which was named after the local church of Saint Maria.
The Minoan palace is the main tourist attraction of the archaeological site of Knossos. Knossos was founded in the 5th century B.C and was one of the cities of utmost importance in the ancient world. It was the palace of King Minos. Breathtaking legends and stories of the Minotaur who was trapped in the Labyrinth along with the famous story of Daedalus and Icarus are intertwined with the Palace of Knossos. The first excavations took place in 1878 by the Cretan archaeologist Minos Kalokairinos.
The archaeological site of Festos is situated 63 kilometers Southwest of Iraklio, the capital city of Crete. Festos prospered during the second and thirds millennia B.C and was considered to be one of the greatest cultural centres of the ancient world. It was the most affluent and most powerful city in Southern Crete. It had been populated since the Neolithic Age and reaches its peak during the construction of the Minoan Palace (15th B.C.)
The Prefecture of Lasithi covers the eastern side of the island. It is characterized by the prominence of the Mount Dikti with its highest peak at 2148 meters above sea level. The prefecture consists of the municipalities of Mirabello, Lasithi, Ierapetra and Sitia. Its major cities are Agios Nikolaos, Ierapetra and Sitia.
Rethimno is the major city of the Prefecture of Rethimno. It’s popular with tourists all over the world, especially during the summer. In addition to that its student life with more than 7000 university students makes this city a favourite destination for all Cretans. It’s a vibrant city and the third biggest in Crete.
Hania is situated in the Northwestern side of the island and is located by the sea. It is the major city of the Prefecture of Hania and is the second biggest city of the island. It played a significant role in the ancient world and was a very important Minoan city. Its ancient name was Kidonia.
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